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Let's Go to Oshu!
What is Oshu
Oshu Brands
How to Get to Oshu
Event Information
Hidaka Hibuse Festival
Esashi JINKU (Dance) Festival
Maesawa Beef Festival
Oshu NANBU TEKKI (Nanbu Ironware) Festival
All Japan NOHADATE Festival
Kokuseki-ji Temple SOMIN-SAI Festival
Visiting / Enjoyment "Spots"
Oshu Space and Astronomy Museum
Kokuseki-ji Temple
Shobo-ji Temple
Kura-machi Mall
Esashi-Fujiwara Heritage Park
Abarayama Heights
Taneyama-ga-Hara (Taneyama Heights)
Isawa Marugoto Information Center
Isawa Dam (Lake Oshu)
Tokusuien (A History of Water)
Cattle Museum
Shirotori-tate Remains (Proposed World Heritage Site)
Chojo-ga-Hara Temple Remains (Proposed World Heritage Site)
Koromogawa Furusato Natural Learning Center
Visiting / Enjoyment "Routes"
The History of Fujiwara-no-Kiyohira and Industry
The Oshu / Hiraizumi Sightseeing Bonanza!
Recollections of World Heritage Site Hiraizumi and the Great Ones of Oshu
A Pilgrimage to Ancient Temples in the World Heritage site of Hiraizumi and Oshu
Country Roads through Oshu, Iwate! Travel to see the fall colors and visit hot springs around Isawa Dam
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